Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Call to Glory

Call to Glory

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"Inspired by Apollonia’s Lake Minnetonka purification sequence in Purple Rain and Erich Von Daniken’s magisterial work The Chariots of the Gods." CLICK FOR SOURCE PAGE


It is now 1954, 7:54 PM on your chronograph pyramid or sundial

Please find your way to the water. The Further, the Nile, the Amazon, the Tigris, the Mississippi, the Atlantic Ocean, a claw foot bathtub, a pool

Take your clothes off. Don't be afraid to be a freak! We are all family and lovers now

This is my voice saying, "Let there be jams!" Dive on in, swim 'til you see the light

We're waiting on y'all


"Ink Is An Instrument Publishing (ASCAP)/Tang Nivri Publishing (ASCAP)/Daddy Kellis Publishing (ASCAP). Mad Beach party Produced, Arranged and Composed by Wonder & Lightning. Additional Composition by Kellindo Parker, Lord of the Voodoo Children. Recorded at Wondaland Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA. Engineered by Roman GianArthur. Mixed by Chris Carmouche at Stankonia Recording, Atlanta, GA. Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, NYC. Jam Evangelic Ministry: Chuck Lightning. Guitar Strumming: Kellindo Parker.CLICK FOR SOURCE PAGE

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