Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's Code

It's Code

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[Verse 1]
Love is gnawing on my mind
Feeling real down, all dressed up in my new suit
Took my name, my site, my song
Been trying to find myself all day long
I heard them saying that love will be a curse or a restless friend
Love belongs in movies
Now I know I'll plaque with your heart
Cause when I turn back around I saw
You in someone else's arms
Walking around town, all dressed up making your move

But I was scared to fall in love
I never thought I'd be the one, to push you in the arms, oh!

Oh baby, it's code
I want you to hold me, and love me until I want no more
And need me, and need me until I need no more
Baby, it's code
Baby, it's code

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

(Oh baby)
Oh baby, hey baby!
I want to be in your arms, ohh!
Please don't leave...

Please! I need a nurse
I've been...hurt!
I need a glass of Merlot Blanc
I know I was wrong, but can't you see the harm that's been done to me

FULL ALBUM:  Givin' Em What They Love 1:35 - 6:00 


Abstract and Analysis - To Be Updated Soon

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