Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Reanimator (Concerning Electric Kool-Aid in Watts, UFOs in Harlem, and What Really Happened in Atlantis)

The Reanimator 
(Concerning Electric Kool-Aid in Watts,
UFOs in Harlem, and What Really Happened in Atlantis) 

Image via - Performing at #EssenceFest 2014 [ARTICLE]


“Inspired by the Raymond Pettibon illustration on the cover of Sonic Youth’s Goo; Jimi’s burning guitar at Monterey; and the creaky door on George Clinton’s Mothership.” CLICK FOR SOURCE PAGE


Verse 1:

I’m a dragon in a playpen
That’s why I never fit in
Guess it’s not a problem
At least I fear no one…
I’m thinking of a painter
A famous entertainer
Said he’d paint your savior
He’s off in heavy metal slumber…


Who knew the blues could be dangerous?
Our dreams are naked every night
You got the right to get vandalized
For forty days and forty nights…


Grow some wings in the bone machine
Cut yourself, that’s a way to get clean
Take the plunge, only the dumb will stay
It’s all just hell on a holiday…
I’m thinking of a painter
Who said he’d entertain us
He had so much promise
All his mistakes were just so priceless…


Lyrics by Chuck Lightning


"Ink Is An Instrument Publishing (ASCAP)/Tang Nivri Publishing (ASCAP). A Seattle Acid Trip Produced, Arranged, and Composed by Wonder & Lightning. Additional Underwater Poetry written by Carla Chase. Recorded at Wondaland Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA. Engineered by Control Z. Mixed by Chris Carmouche at Stankonia Recording, Atlanta, GA. Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, NYC. Grunge Rhythm Guitar Choir: Nate Wonder and Kellindo. Lead Sleaze Guitar: Kellindo. Underwater Synthesizers: Nate Wonder. Spastic Reanimation drums and drum programming: Nate Wonder. Sub Pop Bass: Nate Wonder. Lead and Background Vocal Disturbances: Nate “Rocket” Wonder and Chuck Lightning. Underwater Poetic Disturbances: Nate Wonder. Closing Lullaby: Charlie Darker."

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