Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Were Rock and Roll

We Were Rock and Roll

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I remember, ‘round Autumn time
I smell the breeze, I feel the sun
Our memories, come back to me
The way we used to dance, the way you clapped your hands
And I remember the smell of guns
War lived in me, but love finally won
I've been delayed, I've been denied
Then you came around and took the crown

We were unbreakable
We were like rock & roll
We were like a king and queen
I want you to know
No matter how the story's told
We were like rock & roll
We were unbreakable
I want you to know

[Verse 2]
I remember, a time alone
Wanted to dance, locked in your arms
Your melody, stays on me
You were twenty-one, thought we owned the sun
And I remember, our plan to run
My rebel ways, and your utter nonsense
We’d go insane, but it felt so fun
And now your queen is on to take the throne

Let me tell you that it's alright. (etc.)
Help me sing it louder!

[Guitar Solo]

So what are you gonna do? (Wanna be your rock and roll)
Down in Mexico (You were just my rock and roll)
Off in Paris, France (We taught poets how to dance)
Then back to Tokyo (And it was sake in Japan)
But then it got way too cold (Gave you kisses on the sand)
And every time I beat for you (Wanna be your rock and roll)
So what are we gonna do? (So what are you gonna do)
‘Cause I remember you (Because I remember you)


Abstract and Analysis - To Be Updated Soon

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