Thursday, October 10, 2013

Electric Lady: Global Dance & Listening Party

"Good Morning Cyber Boys and Cyber Girls!"

Today is October 10, 2013 - marking one month since the release of Janelle Monae's newest album "The Electric Lady". To honor and discuss it, we'll be having a listening party & discussion everyday from now through the end of October. 

Receiving My CD & First Response:
I was so excited to return from my honeymoon and find my preordered album waiting for me, and it's been stuck on repeat every since. Miss Monae first caught my eye when a friend shared the newly released Tightrope YouTube video with me a few years back. I've been following her closely since then, and am captivated by the Concept Albums she's been producing. One thing I realized about this album is it so musically complex and lyrically layered that it took me a few listens and some research to really dig into what I was hearing. I've been delighted to see the media response, and social media responsiveness of Ms. Monae and Wondaland, and tickled to see the fan response and her tour selling out!

Deriving Inspiration: 
As I've been working for some years to launch my own company, I've found inspiration in Janelle's music to keep on with my mission. ( To connect and engage with the community while fostering social entrepreneurship and artistic expression.) We're preparing to launch our "Year of the Millennial Re(Love)ution" This January 1, 2014, and as we lead up to that point I wanted to make a point to reactivate myself blogging and through social media. What better way than to start with a review of this album? As I said, it's such a dense album when you start examining the content, so I decided we're going to discuss a song a day through the rest of the month. 

Let's Have a Global Dance Party: 
As I started planning this out with my family and friends, I thought it would be SUCH a great idea to share this experience with other Janelle Monae fans - wherever you are in the world. If you have the album take some time today to step away from the normal buzz of life and give it a preliminary listen before we started discussing it over the next few days. If you haven't purchased the album yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do so, it's worth it. 


Here's the Listening Schedule We'll Be Using: 
(Mark it on your Calendar!) 

"The Electric Lady" by Janelle Monae
October 10 - Welcome, Listen to the Entire CD, Share this Supplemental Content 
October 11 - My Favorite Things: Janelle Monae, Suites I-III, The Electric Lady Song 1: Suite IV Overture
October 12 - Give Em What They Love featuring Prince
October 13 - Q.U.E.E.N. featuring Erykah Badu
October 14 - Electric Lady featuring Solange Knowles
October 15 - Good Morning Midnight Intermission / Primetime featuring Miguel
October 16 - We Were Rock & Roll
October 17 - The Chrome Shoppe Intermission / Dance Apocolyptic
October 18 - Look Into My Eyes
October 19 - Suite V Electric Overture / It's Code
October 20 - Ghetto Woman
October 21 - Our Favorite Fugitive Intermission / Victory
October 22 - Can't Live Without Your Love
October 23 -Sally Ride
October 24 - Dorothy Dandridge Eyes
October 25 - What an Experience

Fixtape #1 by Deep Cotton, Produced by Janelle Monae
October 26 - Swim 'Til You See the Light / We're Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out
October 27 - The Reanimator (Concerning Electric Kool-Aid in Watts, UFO's in Harlem, and What Really Happened in Atlantis) 
October 28 - Fork n' Knife
October 29 - Milk Dies
October 30 - Call to Glory / Runaway Radio

Halloween Releases
October 31 - Many Moons Janelle Monae YouTube Video Playlist
                  - Halloween Music YouTube Video Playlist

Join the Conversation:

Lulu FemmeFatale (Aphrodite) 

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