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Suites I - III & Suite IV: Electric Overture

What a "Suite" Thing
The story Ms. Monae is weaving is quite involved, and I won't pretend I know exactly what it all means. Though she has given some insight, I appreciate she doesn't explain every detail of every aspect, as this allows the viewer the opportunity to think critically and discover what it means to them. With this, she has been releasing the story in "Suites". The first off her album "Metropolis", the second and third on "The ArchAndroid" and the fourth and fifth on "The Electric Lady". The Electric Lady Album begins with Suite IV, and that will be the first song we'll discuss in this album review.

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The Chase Suite:

Wikipedia Excerpt:
"Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) is the debut EP of American musician Janelle Monáe, released August 24, 2007 on Bad Boy Records. Produced by Monáe, Control Z, and Chuck Lightning, the EP constitutes the first installment of Monáe's seven-part Metropolis conceptual series, following a fictional tale of gynoid(female android) Cindi Mayweather who is mass-produced in the year 2719 for a market filled with severesocial stratification.
The EP debuted at number 115 on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 5,200 copies in its first week.[10] It was re-released as a special edition on August 12, 2008 and produced three singles, including "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!", "Sincerely, Jane.", and "Many Moons". Upon its release, Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) received generally positive reviews from music critics, with "Many Moons" being nominated for theBest Urban/Alternative Performance at the 51st Grammy Awards.[11]"


"Good morning cy-boys and cyber girls
I am happy to announce we have a star-crossed winner in today’s heartbreak sweepstakes
Android Number 57821, otherwise known as Cindy Mayweather
Has fallen desperately in love with a human named Anthony Greendown
And you know the rules!
She is now scheduled for immediate disassembly!
Bounty hunters, you can find her in the Neon Valley Street District on the 4th floor
At the Leopard Plaza Apartment Complex
The Droid Control Marshals are full of fun rules today
No phasers, only chain-saws and electro-daggers!
Remember, only card carrying hunters can join our case today
And as usual, there will be no reward
Until her cyber-soul is turned into the Star Commission
Happy Hunting!"

The ArchAndroid Suites:

Wikipedia Excerpt: 
"The ArchAndroid is the debut studio album by American recording artist Janelle Monáe, released May 18, 2010, on Wondaland Arts Society and Bad Boy Records. Production for the album took place at Wondaland Studios in Atlanta and was primarily handled by Monáe, Nate "Rocket" Wonder, and Chuck Lightning, with only one song without production by Monáe.
It consists of the second and third parts to Monáe's Metropolis concept series. Incorporating conceptual elements of Afrofuturism and science fictionThe ArchAndroid continues the series' fictional tale of a messianic android and features lyrical themes of love, identity, and self-realization. The album has been compared to artists such as David BowieOutkastPrince and Michael Jackson. The album features multiple collaborations with artists; Saul WilliamsBig Boiof Montreal and Deep Cotton.
The album debuted at number 17 on the US Billboard 200, selling 21,000 copies in its first week. It achieved moderate chart success and produced two singles, "Tightrope" and "Cold War". Upon its release,The ArchAndroid received rave reviews from music critics, earning praise for its conceptual themes and Monáe's eclectic musical range. It was named the best album of 2010 by several critics and earned Monáe a Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary R&B Album. As of February 23, 2011, The ArchAndroid has sold 141,000 copies in the United States according to Nielsen SoundScan."


"Oh and one
Ohh one
It's your time
Lead us all back to one
Oh, you're the one"


Electric Lady Suites:

Wikipedia Excerpt:
"The Electric Lady is the second studio album by American recording artist Janelle Monáe, released on September 6, 2013 by Wondaland Arts Society and Bad Boy Records. It is the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut studio album, The ArchAndroid, and as the aforementioned, it has received universal acclaim from music critics. This album serves as the fourth and fifth installments of her seven-part Metropolis concept series.
The Electric Lady debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 47,000 copies, making it Monáe's highest debut-week sales so far.[40] The album fell to number twenty-three the following week, selling 15,000 copies.[41] In its third week, it dropped to number forty-seven with 9,000 copies sold.[42] The Electric Lady entered the UK Albums Chart at number fourteen, selling 5,498 copies in its first week.[43]"

SUITE IV: Electric Overture

"She has arrived!
Her crown
Has a story
14 soldiers marching round and round her
I don’t wanna be slave again!
No I don’t wanna be slave!
I’m electric girl
From electric world
And I only want to bring you love"

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